fresh, local, delicious.

Current Flavors

It starts with fresh, local ingredients.

  • Cherry Lambic

    Sweet red cherries blended with tart cherry kriek-lambic beer for a slightly fizzy and very refreshing pop.

  • Non-Dairy Earl Grey

    Earl grey tea steeped with whole black peppercorns and real vanilla bean in rich coconut milk.


    Rich and creamy hot chocolate. Try it with a homemade marshmallow!


    We have chocolate chip, butter sprinkle and double chocolate cocoa cookies. $2 each! Soon to come: White Chocolate Peppermint and big soft Ginger cookies!

  • Vanilla Sprinkles

    Sweet vanilla bean ice cream case with bright, delightful sprinkles!

  • Pumpkin S’mores

    Creamy, spiced pumpkin ice cream base swirled with graham crackers, dark chocolate chunks, and housemade marshmallows.

  • Caramel Apple

    A rich and creamy double caramel ice cream base swirled with our cinnamon-y housemade apple pie filling.

  • Mayan Chocolate

    Creamy dark chocolate coconut milk, spiced with cayenne pepper and cinnamon and studded with crunchy cacao nibs.

  • Raspberry Lemonade

    Pureed fresh raspberries added to our tart house-squeezed lemonade. Just in time for summer!

  • Green Tea with Mochi

    Creamy Matcha Green Tea flavored pop dotted with delightfully squishy mochi rice balls.

  • Vietnamese Ice Coffee

    Intense coffee kick from Green Street Roasters Organic French Roast, Organic Chicory balanced with sweetened condensed milk and Maplehofe  Dairy cream and whole milk.

  • Chocolate with Salted Caramel Brownie

    Rich creamy chocolate base: 64% Dark Chocolate, Maplehofe Dairy cream and whole milk, BT Bake Shop organic salted caramel brownie chunks